Saturday, July 9, 2016

This Week on the Internet

Raising kids in the modern techie world is great. It does present challenges that are unique and new. We have so many devices floating around that there have to be limits to keep us from living a completely virtual life staring at screens. But it also has a lot of opportunities for bonding, learning, and fun. Our kids have had fun with Pokemon Go this week. Have you heard of it? You walk around your neighborhood looking for virtual pokemon. Dream come true, almost real life pokemon! Russell, Jonas and Gwen have had a lot of fun.

Onto the Internet!

All the shootings this week are on my mind a lot and wondering what part I play in all of this. Sad troubling stuff. Thinking a lot about privilege and change. No link, just feels wrong not to at least mention it.

We have a little asteroid pal in a similar orbit to us. Not a second moon by any means, but still cool.

Signs of dementia can include a sense of humor that changes, gets darker and more inappropriate. Thought this was really interesting and good thing to be aware of.

Interesting idea about a possibility of a health issue that might have driven Mary Todd Lincoln's erratic behavior. A good reminder that we really don't know what people are going through, to not judge, and cut others some slack. Liked this quote: "History should regard her with sympathy regardless of the cause, he said. A physical illness that can affect the mind — like B12 deficiency — is no more deserving of compassion than one that is strictly mental."

The typical American lives less than 18 miles from Mom. Because love, sunday dinners and free babysitting are awesome and irreplaceable. Of course!

I read and generally liked the book "The life-changing magic of tidying up" and thought this article was an interesting read. I definitely wouldn't call myself a "Konvert" but I did think there were some helpful ideas. But kids, man. Kids. They kinda throw a kink in the works. I love a drawer of laundry folded just-so. But unfortunately so does Tess... she loves throwing its contents over her shoulders in a rapid fire stream, watching order dissolve into chaos at her tiny chubby little hands. Time will help to heal my wounds.

Someone recommended this talk to me. Thought it was a good start towards changing the stigma in the church about questioning. A life of faith is a struggle, a wrestle. Maybe not for everyone, but it certainly is for me. I'm learning to be okay with it.

Something very gratifying about seeing someone hand-carve a piece of wood into something beautiful and usable. 

I like this. Would make a great phone background.

Thunderstorms are cool from every angle. Especially from above. Awesome.

And finally, Scary and I love poutine too.

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