Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Jonas getting a haircut at Grandma's. He had a spot with "tree glue" (aka sap) in it and screamed whenever Linda touched it. She had a tricky job to do with that one.

Tess was jealous so Grandpa gave Tess a "haircut". It freaked me out when he first turned that on and put it on her head, not knowing what he was planning. She was really good for it though and held super still. haha.

I like all the faces in this one and Tess's toddler belly.

We found a huge mullberry bush in our backyard. It's over 9 feet tall, so I'm not sure why it's called a bush and not a tree. We thought it was just a random tree that grew in, almost like a weed. Russell asked me if we should cut it down a few months ago, but I thought we'd wait and see. We were so surprised to see it covered with berries!

Gwen's been sleeping with a big puffy duvet, but she wasn't sleeping well saying that it wasn't comfy enough. She loves Jonas' blanket so we decided it was time to make something that she totally loved. So she went and picked out the absolute softest and girliest fabric in Joann's and the brightest pink sheet in the world.

 I was just going to sew the lines across to keep it together, but she came up with this idea to put felt flowers on it. It turned out girly to the max and surprisingly cute in a kitschy 5 yr old girl way. She cut out a bunch of the flowers. We had fun making it together. And she's been sleeping much better with it! Worth it!!!

Jonas and Gwen have been doing gymnastics and they love it. Tess is a freaking handful as she wants to be out there the whole time too. phew.

Rodeo with grandpa and Daddy.

I love it when kids fall asleep in high chairs. So sweet.

Gwen with her chicken Izzie that turned out to be a rooster. Roosters aren't legal in our city for our lot so we had to get ride of her, I mean him, today.  No, we didn't have a chicken dinner, but we did give her to a family in Lehi. Gwen was sad about it. But now she's adopted Ginger as her own.

I finally got some cafe style lights for the backyard pergola and it's so magical and fun. The only problem is that our kids go to bed *hopefully* before dark every night so we don't get to use them very often. I think that a outdoor movie party is in our future.

Every year my family has a tradition of going to live concerts in the park in Provo. It's one of our favorite things and something that I've been doing since I was a little girl. There are huge trees and the kids always collect sticks and grass to make little "nests".

Lots of family and treats. Jonas said "You know what my favorite part of concert in the park is? Just sitting around with all the people." Cute kid.

Notice Molly's hair. Huge, bushy and crazy. We're not very good at brushing it. We waited an extra long time to cut it because of our camp out. Too long. When we finally took her in the groomers said her hair was too matted and they'd have to shave it all off. We were shocked when we saw her and thought they brought out the wrong dog. See if you can find her down below.

Tess really wanted to ride the pony... and then she didn't... and then she did... and then she didn't. Fun.

Our neighbors have had a blackberry bush planted along our fence that's been out of control the whole time we've lived here. It's sending out huge long prickly branches that are kind of hidden in our virginia creeper that's covering the whole fence. This spring we cut it back quite a bit and we're just getting tons of blackberries hidden all through the fence. It's been so great. Tess especially loves it. She doesn't quite get that the dark ones are sweet and the light ones are sour, but she'll get there.

The dog costume's been making an appearance in our house. It's been hilarious to see Gwen pretending to be a dog and cuddling with Molly. Molly puts up with it very well.

Jonas even puts it on, albeit in a more dignified manner.

We have a robin's nest in our backyard and the little baby birds have hatched. Can you spot the mom feeding them worms? The mom and the dad take turns feeding them and they really work hard at it. It's fun and amazing to watch.

On the fourth of July we had a bunch of extended family over for a morning breakfast. We had a crepe bar and it turned out awesome! It was so much fun!

We got out the water stuff and Tess jumped right in - in her clothes of course. haha. She hasn't had much of a chance to play in the water and she loves it.

All the kids having a blast.

We watched the PG city fireworks in the evening. They moved the location to be close to our house this year. Sweet!

Looking at clouds, waiting for the fireworks

Botched but funny panorama shot.

I brought bubble gum for everyone to practice blowiing bubbles while we were waiting. Gwen's working on it. She's getting close.

I have to say that I think that I was the most skilled bubble blower there. I did eventually cheat though and get two pieces of gum, so i'm not sure if it counts.

We brought sound canceling headphones in case Gwen freaked out at the fireworks again this year. It's been a couple years since we've been and she turned out to be totally fine and didn't even need them. Tess loved the fireworks too. Sitting out on the grass on a warm summer night is one of my favorite things.

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Katie said...

I love this post! Your kids are so funny, and I really love your writing style! I laughed several times. Sounds like you're having a lovely summer! :-)