Thursday, June 2, 2016

Why Hello Again Summer, I've Missed You

We've been thoroughly enjoying this not winter season over here. Lots of campfires, parks, end of school activities, and unstructured play time.  Summer is awesome! I'm not gonna lie, the first day of summer break had me worried. Jonas had the flu and the kids were bored and cranky. But things have been looking up since then. I have a good feeling about this summer. Good things are happening.

Jonas danced his heart out to Rockin' Robin for his first ever dance festival. I loved it. Gwen thought the song was Rotten Ramen. I like her version better.

Gwen wanted me to come up with her for her preschool presentation So I crouched down and hid behind some other kids. I didn't know any of the songs or actions. How embarrassing. She did great.
Rainbow Rainbow! Do you see the rainbow? okay.

Gwen found this crazy leaf in our backyard. Can you see the star of david pattern in the middle? Crazy right?!

We're starting a new battle in the ongoing sprinkler war. This valve was the first casualty and I'm proud to tell you that it has been successfully replaced. I was covered in water by the end, but by George, we got it! 

Gwen is finding all the bugs in the yard and asking to keep them all as pets. She's such a sweetie. I love how much she loves nature. This girl is going to have a great future.

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Dean, Andrea, Tanner, Landon, & Braddock said...

Still dying over "Rotten Ramen." I think that song will never be the same again! :)