Saturday, June 25, 2016

This Week on the Internet

Bedtimes can be brutal. I've always hated them myself, so it's hard to be convincingly unsympathetic when the kids try every single angle to stay up as long as they possibly can. Requests for water, food, stories, songs, and back scratches on a never ending repeat. Some ploys are blatantly ridiculous ("Nightmare? After laying down for 30 seconds?") - while requests for another potty break are universally believed and granted. I've found that trying to be both sympathetic and proactive is best. That's usually enough to get us through. But the system has been broken with Gwen for a while. A couple nights ago, exhausted by many failed attempts, I talked to her straight, appealing to her love and compassion for her beleaguered parents, and asked her if we could come up with a plan to get her to bed on time. Miraculously, she came up with a simple plan that was totally reasonable (1 song, 1 story, and 1 prayer) and for two nights it's worked! Keep your fingers crossed for us that we're turning a corner.

Now for the world according to the internet!

I woke up yesterday, honestly shocked and dismayed by Britain's vote. I think it's at least partially responsible for the stress migraine that followed. I need to take a break from the news obviously. This article highlighted my concern well.

I can really identify with this guy talking about adjusting to being a stay at home dad. So many unanticipated hurdles. Care giving is hugely important, but pretty universally downplayed in our culture.

This article about trauma and the mind body connection was so so good. Sad but true, and also encouraging in its solutions. I'm gonna read this book. Related is this picture book that talks about how we deal with hard emotions. So beautiful and insightful. Oliver Jeffers is awesome.

Cool picture.

Picture the ugliest color in the world. Now click this link. Yep, I nailed it exactly.

I wanna start working my way through this top 100 books list. 

Finally, Kids Falling , Edith we would have been friends.

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