Thursday, June 23, 2016

Printable Campfire Mini Songbook - Family Camping Made Easier

I put a small collection together of our favorite camp songs to sing by the fire. It's the kind of thing that's nice to have a cheap little handy copy to help the kids learn the words, and disposable enough that it's not sad if it accidentally ends up in the fire. 

I love fire so much. I'm the type that used to by lighters and burn stuff growing up to see what would happen. The fire is definitely one of my favorite things about camping.

Add in some fun and silly songs to sing with the kids and lull the baby to sleep and we've got a real winner.

On the first page is a list of song ideas, most of which are included in the book. If you don't know the tune, just google it and find a youtube video to educate you. :)

Print, cut on the dotted line, fold on the solid lines. Quick, free, and easy!

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