Friday, June 10, 2016


I've been doing meditation lately. Yep. I'm a new age zen hipster granola eating mother fffff... friend... Just kidding. I don't eat granola. Unless granola bars count. My first instinct in admitting my new hobby is to cite studies that talk about the benefits of meditation, but I'm not gonna. I don't need to justify myself to you?!?!?! See? It's helping with my rage already. I will say that it's been great so far and I think it's an important part of my path to finding a more content Anna hidden in this burgeoning mass of brain and bones.

Here are some links that have helped me get started. My kids have even done it with me! I was surprised at how quickly and readily they got it. They closed their eyes, didn't laugh, and told me all about their "special place" that the meditation exercise had asked them to imagine.

Dartmouth Relaxation Recordings

Um. I think that it's my duty to show you this guy too - cause the internet demands it.

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