Thursday, June 30, 2016

Alternative Tin Foil Dinners - Family Camping Made Easier

This year I wanted to try something a little different for our tin foil dinners. Not that there's anything wrong with the classic hamburger, potatoes, carrots, and cream of something soup. I love that stuff!! But sometimes I just want something different... ya know? I went on a journey to see what kind of alternatives are out there.

I saw this recipe and loved the idea of using stuffing! I loooove stuffing. Bread and butter, what's not to love? I made a few changes and it turned out delicious.

It's a great one for a quick meal since it's all cooked beforehand. You just need it on the fire long enough to melt the cheese and steam the broccoli. Got the thumbs up from everyone! 

Chicken Ranch Stuffing Tin Foil Dinners

Sliced Onions
Stuffing prepared according to box directions
Rotisserie chicken
Packet of Ranch seasoning
Crumbled Bacon (can use real bacon bits)
Sour Cream or Cream Cheese
Shredded Parmesan Cheese
Slices of Brie
Pad of Butter

Assemble packets according to your tastes. I thought ours could have definitely used more broccoli, sliced smaller. Some cheddar cheese would have been good too. Aw heck. Just put on every kind of cheese in the fridge. Your camping self will thank you for your decadence. Season with salt and pepper. Cook over the fire until cheese is bubbly and veggies are soft. 

Here are some more ideas for Tin Foil Dinners that are a little different from the usual:

- Frozen meatballs, potatoes, onions and cream of mushroom soup with asparagus
- Chicken Sausage with potatoes, onions, vegetables
- Stuffed peppers with sausage, vegetables, eggs and cheese 
- Frozen fries with Chicken Nuggets (kids would be thrilled)
- Tatertot Casserole 
- Tex Mex seasoned chicken with Black beans, rice, corn and tomatoes
- Deluxe Baked Potatoes
- Loaded cheese fries with chili
- French bread ham and cheese sandwiches
- BBQ Sauce, chicken, potatoes, corn, peppers
- Deluxe Nachos with seasoned canned chicken, beans, peppers, cheese
- Burritos/Quesedillas
- Grilled garlic and butter vegetables

And finally, a list of other camp food ideas that I have printed up and tucked in my camping bins:
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