Saturday, May 14, 2016

This Week on the Internet

We're off on a belated anniversary getaway this weekend. The kids are so excited to stay at Grandma's. We're excited to get away from it all for a little while. We've been married 8 years! I'm so glad to say that we're still going strong and best friends. Which is really the greatest blessing of my life. I may not have my health, but I've still got a lot to be grateful for. *cue the cheesy musical number*

Here's what the internet world has told me this week:

Diets suck. Don't do them. Starvation tactics are a bad idea in the long term. My mom taught me this when I was young. Thanks mom!

The seven deadly sins and their corresponding social networks. Interesting that the only one of these that I use is Pinterest, and that I may or may not have a little envy problem. hmmmm.

Let go of the Perfect Mother Myth. Your kids will thank you.

News flash: Texting while driving is a bad idea. Shocker, I know. But for a new reason, it takes away the sixth sense that normally protects you.

We're deceiving ourselves about how busy we are.

Sketchy reporting on scientific studies is the worst. This whole episode was great, but the todd talks was my favorite part.

Colic is "Probably an early onset of existential dread." That comment cracks me up. haha.

This website was open on Russell's laptop the other day and for some reason I find it hilarious.

And finally: Googly eyes.

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