Saturday, May 7, 2016

This Week on the Internet

These are goofy kids. "Potty" jokes are all the rage in our house. I hate it. But there's absolutely nothing that I can do to make the word "underwear" no longer funny. It's just hilarious. You can't fight it. We've tried making them clean the bathroom when the jokes get outta hand. "You love poo and pee so much? Well go knock yourself out!" But lately I've become too tired to enforce it. Not awesome parenting, but reality. So we're just gonna let it slide and once I feel better we'll pick up from where we left off. It makes me think about Andy Dwyer on Parks and Rec. Gosh I love that show.

My saves from the internet this week:

They've located the genes linked with happiness and depression. Another support for understanding how depression is more than just feeling sad or being lazy. Still so many misconceptions out there about depression, it makes me crazy sometimes.

Raising kids with grit: You can quit - but not on a hard day.

Self-Compassion is better than Self-Esteem. Treat yourself like you would your best friend. I've been reading her book and it's an important idea for me to finally figure out. I like that it's research based. Because I need a doctor's note to be nice to myself.

The most important question of your life. Our struggles determine our successes. What are you willing to struggle for? This had me thinking for a while.

JRR Tolkien's sketches while creating middle earth. This guy was thorough.

I liked this view on grief, anger, and forgiveness. An interesting contrast to all the hubbub of Beyonce's Lemonade album and the "right of women to be angry". Not saying anger is always bad, but that idea in that context misses the mark and the solution to real growth and healing. Might be good music still though. I have no idea. Highlight from the article:
All too often, anger becomes an alluring substitute for grieving, promising agency and control when one’s real situation does not offer control… Anger is often well-grounded, but it is too easy for it to hijack the necessary mourning process. - Martha Nussbaum
Turns out throwing something with your non-dominant hand makes you look hilariously stupid. I'm pretty sure I look like that throwing with my dominant hand. Yep.

Life lesson learned from Tetris. I love you Tetris.

Finally: Vegans, Hug then play, Real life horror movies, and Dad doing daughter's hair.

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