Thursday, May 5, 2016

Painted Cane Makeover & a Diagnosis

Drum roll please... ... ... I have rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondilits. Yes, I have remarkable luck and talent to have, not one, but two arthritic auto-immune inflammatory diseases. Guess what, I have thinning bones too! Bonus!!!  I do have some comfort in knowing that all my pain and suffering has been validated by some pretty impressively high results on blood tests. Not a lot of comfort. But a little. Luckily they have wonderful and expensive medication that should help me once the insurance company gives up and lets me have it. I'll be giving myself weekly shots, along with other pills and supplements. People have always told me I'm an old soul - but now I have the meds and diseases to match. 

Wanna see my crazy feet? No? Okay. Well let me know if you want to see them. I'm lovingly calling this foot Igor. My other foot has some great stuff going on too. But we'll save that for another time. I know how much you like seeing my feet, but no. Another time. My knee's pretty impressive too. Just so you know.

I feel like I'm the evil queen on Snow White and I'm watching myself turn into an old hag in slow motion. That gif captures it pretty well. I've got the walk to match hers. And if it weren't for medication, I would eventually have the same back and joints too. Thank goodness for modern medication!

As always the kids love all my arthritis equipment. Wheelchair, crutches, cane. All awesome!
Today I realized that a cane would help me to walk straighter without needing to swing around like the evil witch. A quick trip to DI, and 8 bucks later left us with this.

It had a faded houndstooth pattern on it that wasn't going to last long because...

Spray paint!

Then the fun part.

And all done! You can't really make out the flowers very well. But it really turned out great! I love the bright colors on the black background.

Flowers are just my favorite. real, fake, painted, whatever. They're the best.

Unfortunately after I spent an hour painting it, I realized that it's probably an inch too short and needed to be lengthened. Then we realized that the feature that should make it extendable is jammed... and we can't get it unstuck. Wah wah. Well, thanks to these diseases I'm already 3/4 inch shorter. So if I just wait a few more years it'll be the perfect height. :)

Another close up.

And there you have it! I may have a crazy body, I might need a cane, but gosh dang it, I'm gonna make it my cane. Next up - body painting on my humongous swollen joints. (just kidding)

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Katie said...

What a total bummer, but I'm glad it's finally figured out. And I'm not sure why you think you can't paint flowers, that cane is so pretty! Maybe you could turn that into an etsy business!