Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Learning Left from Right - Where Development and Desperation Meet

9:30 am. We've dropped off Jonas at school. Russell's gone to work. Three days a week these two little girls and I are left to our own devices. In a past life I spent this time reading with them, gardening, cleaning, etc. But now it only takes about ten seconds for Gwen to yell "I'm booooored!" and for Tess to get entangled in some kind of mess:

Yes, that's my bra... and a tampon.

The last few days we've been playing a game that Gwen loves and begs for every morning she's not at preschool. "Mom! Let's drive and drive and see where the road takes us!" With that motivation she gets dressed and ready without complaint (hallefreakinglujah). The idea of the game is simple. I drive, and she picks left, right, or straight. And we see where we end up.

Gwen climbed all the way up and over. She was so brave!

It's amazing how quickly she has gotten left and right completely down when a mistake means that I go in a direction she doesn't want. We've ended up at Walmart (how fun, right? We needed groceries), the library, parks, and relatives houses. I don't even care how much the gas costs. It makes those mornings with a sick mom and energetic kids so much more doable. Worth every penny.

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