Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I love pictures of all my kids hanging out together on the couch. Messy faces, messy hair, wearing pajamas and watching Mr Rogers. This is childhood. Well, at least part of it. :)

I love these little kids. Now for a few more random things that have been going on lately.

1. Chickies

The chickens are growing like crazy! They're getting ready to be moved into a coop. Russell and his dad have been working hard on that.

In the meantime we've been having fun with our new pets. Introducing Pidgy, Izzie, Blue, ChiChi, and Pepper.

Russell will take them out periodically to forage in the yard. It's so cute to see them experience nature for the first time. Instincts run deep, they peck and dig and nest. It's fun.

2. Sickies

I've still got my two arthritic diseases. Not a surprise since they're here for good now. I used a cane for a while, but then my elbow and middle finger flared up:

It's been a while coming but it sucks all the same. I think it came from weeding the front flower beds a few weeks ago. But now, thanks to my inability to bend it, I can give the finger to the world without guilt. Ha! Strange that one of the things I miss most is weeding. I never, ever thought that would be the case.

Jonas' class wrote books and had an author day to read them to us. I really like the page that he wrote about me. haha. I am definitely doing way more than my fair share of laying around the past 6 months. I do find it hilarious - but also sad. I want to tell him that I'm not laying around because I like it!  I'm thoroughly beat and in pain! And the dr told me to to prevent damage! And yet, all of that doesn't really click to a 6 yr old. He just sees the reality of all those influences. Ah well.

Really, I'm just sick of being sick. I'm getting so bored with it. There's no mystery, no wondering what's causing it. No real serious fears at this point too, which is great. But it also just leaves me tired, non-functioning and... just so sick of it.

We've been waiting for approval from the insurance company for the medicines that I need. Finally it came through today! Yay! I went and got it from the special pharmacy, amazed to have the $3000 bill completely covered, and then needed to face the reality of sticking myself with a needle and pushing medicine into my body. *shudder* It took me three tries with Gwen and Russell cheering me on to work up the nerve. And yep, it hurt. It's one of those things where I think I'll be braver hypothetically than I am realistically.

3. Getaway

We went shopping at the gateway because we really had no idea what else to do with ourselves for a couple hours before we could check into our B&B.

Dinner at the Blue Lemon. It was really nice and fun to eat outside. Such a luxury to eat without kids around.

We stayed at the coolest old mansion in SLC called The Inn on the Hill. It was built in 1900 and was super cool looking. It was the perfect place to stay on Friday the 13th and hope for a haunted ghost encounter. Unfortunately, nothing happened. The capital building was just a block or two away and was really pretty at night.

Another wonderfully relaxing meal outside - breakfast on the terrace.

The view from the front steps was awesome. We're definitely going to be coming back here and getting a room facing the city with a walk-out balcony.

Russell played a very dignified game of billiards. or pool. or stick ball game. whichever you prefer.

And when we came back to pick up the kids we found Tess like this. Yep, I think it's safe to say that they had tons of fun.

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Lauren Terry said...

I love all the pictures! I can't believe how big the chickens are. The shots instructions look really intimidating. Bleh, so sorry.