Thursday, May 12, 2016

I Get By With a Little Help from My Friends

Tonight Russell's parents came over to help us out. The guys worked on the chicken coop outside and Linda brought dinner and helped entertain the kids inside.

This is a misleading photo. Ted just sat down after working on the coop for hours.
They say it takes a village to raise a child. It's so true. So many people help us with so many things. Especially as I've been sick and when we try to do extra things, like chickens. :) As I've grown into an adult I become more and more amazed that anyone is able to accomplish anything at all. Just the daily life tasks bury me in such a deep pile of escalating responsibilities that I feel like I'm drowning. All the help that we get from family, friends, neighbors, and teachers really helps improve the quality of life for us and our kids. The modern trend of isolationism and "not being a people person" really misses the boat. These relationships are not only how you get through the day, and get things done, but the whole point in the first place.

Kids are in bed. Time for X-files.

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