Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Seven Silly Eaters by Mary Ann Hoberman - Favorite Picture Books

This book has been one of our favorites for a while. We found it at the library, just one of the many we picked up one day. But this one stood out and the kids asked to read it over and over and over.

Gwen especially loves this book and asks for it the most. Although Jonas laughs hysterically at the oatmeal being dumped on the cat. Tess loves the pictures. I like the flow of the rhyming. You can tell that this book was written to be read aloud. Like Shakespeare. haha. Yes. Exactly the same. But the meter is good, making repetitious readings fun.

It's about a growing family with picky eaters. One wants warm milk. Only. The other wants pink lemonade. Only. Oh yeah, and homemade, please. I like how the family grows and the mom is often pregnant in the pictures. Oof, One tough mama.

The pictures are detailed and messy, accurately depicting large family life. The well-intentioned kids wake up early to make their mom a special birthday breakfast. Oh man, that picture brings flashbacks to mother's days past for me.

Hugs and love all around.

Resolving with everyone working together. The detail is what makes this book great. The images have so much going on, just like family life, making them realistic and mesmerizing. Also slightly exhausting. Phew. Lots of kids = lots of work, dishes, laundry, cooking. Also lots of hugs, love, and fun. But man, three kids'll do it for me!

We've almost worn out our library card borrowing this book. It's next on the to buy list. Truly one of our favorites!

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