Saturday, March 26, 2016

This Week on the Internet

As I'm sitting at the counter writing this post, Jonas is in front of me happily humming and chatting. He got out the plain greek yogurt and honey to dish himself up a bowl. Then he made a peanut butter sandwich for Tess. And most amazingly of all, then he put everything away. Gwen decided she wanted a bath and got in, out, and dressed all by herself. Yesterday she asked me "Mom, when do you learn how to read? I want to read." which was the cue we've been waiting for. Russell worked with her this morning and she is now successfully sounding out words. It's crazy. I feel like I'm in this years long experiment that is finally starting to pay off.

I literally just turned around and Tess had torn apart her sandwich into a hundred pieces and smeared peanut butter all over the books she was looking at. Ah well, progress is slow. But the signs are there.

Onto the Internet:

This week the doctors think that I'm a Reactive Hypoglycemic, which makes sense to me, but also means that I need to give up sugar (which, thanks to this video, I've known I should do for a long time) and eat a low GI diet, basically like a diabetic. I've been trying to wrap my mind around carbs and this video helped. See also: Complex Carbohydrates. Made me chuckle silently.

Why heirloom tomatoes are infinitely more delicious.

Is it worth the time and effort to keep house plants alive? Yes. Or just put up a picture of one.

According to the apps currently on our phone, Russell and I are both demographically 32+ aged women who make more that $55,000 a year. I think pinterest was my dead give away. Not sure about Russell though.

This article made me think about friendship and how to address conflict directly:
I’d like to be friends with you, George, but I can’t if I have to wear a mail shirt the whole time. I wish to God your unhappiness could find some other outlet. But I can’t consider you a friend when out of every contact there comes some intentionally wounding thing.   - John Steinbeck
There's a hidden wire stretched around major American cities. That's a headline that initially feels like conspiracy theory drivel. Fact is more interesting than fiction in this case. It's a cool peek into a different world.

This comic reminded me of a recent conversation I had with Gwen in Costco:
Gwen: I'm excited for when I'm a mom because then I can eat all the chocolate. 
Me: (laughing) Do you think that's what I do? 
Gwen: No, but when I'm a mom, thanks what I'm gonna do!

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