Saturday, March 12, 2016

This Week on the Internet

Gwen's been asking to get her ears pierced for months. Which we're fine with, we just didn't know if she could handle it. A couple days ago she woke up and said she really wanted to get her ears pierced today. So we took her to the mall. ... It did not go well. Poor thing. She was so conflicted. She wanted to get them done so badly, but she was afraid. She cried for me to hold her, but when I picked her up she freaked and lopped me (and the nice Claire's worker) over the head with her stuffed dog. Lots of screaming involved. It's all a little hazy, but I can still very clearly see the three 10 year old kids standing around, staring jaw-dropped at the whole noisy display. It really was pretty hilarious now that I'm removed from the whole thing. Poor Gwen. It's tough being so conflicted and afraid. We told her we're proud of her for trying, and that it's good practice to try doing something new and scary. And then we collapsed from stress and exhaustion. I'm starting to get why my mom wouldn't let me pierce my ears until I was 12.

So I'm still trying to shake that off and not worry about Kindergarten that's around the corner. I volunteer Russell to take her the first day. For now, here are some Internet distractions that have helped keep my mind off of it:

Making japanese pancakes in your rice cooker. Not sure where to draw the line between pancakes, and just plain cakes. Either way, I'm in.

Asking "why" over and over to get to the bottom of problems.

Back in Elementary school there was a lot of rumor and intrigue about the disappearance of the beloved Steve from Blues Clues. Do you remember that? Turns out he didn't die or go to jail. He was going bald. Mystery solved.

Having a baby is tricky, for lots of reasons. One that I've always been frustrated by is the reversal of recommendations from doctors. First it's lay your baby on their stomach when I was young, then they realized that was bad - lay them on their backs! Then to prevent allergy hold off on peanuts and other foods until 1 or older. Now new studies say to introduce it early to avoid allergy. Bah! Though, I admit I'm happy about this one. With Tess it's been nice to not have to be fussy about what to give her when.

Successfully launching into adulthood is getting tougher than ever. It's not young people's fault (necessarily, not ready to make a blanket absolution), there are a lot of socio-economic things going on that are working against them. I'm worried about the ramifications of this. I'm grateful for the help that we had "growing up". Mostly the cheap basement apartment our in-laws built. It made a huge difference in helping us stay debt free. Sponsor a young adult today!

File this away for later, when Russell and I retire with an RV and are ready for the optimal route for a cross-country road trip.

How "magic mushrooms" can permanently alter your personality in one specific way. So interesting.

Abraham Lincoln was depressed too. It uniquely prepared him for the civil war and he intentionally used his "melancholy" to gain experience to become one of the greatest, most thoughtful, and meaningful presidents ever. I just like Abraham Lincoln, don't you?

Story time. When I worked full time in an office, my friend/coworker saw a news article similar to this one about twins with different fathers. We were shocked and openly talking about how surprised we were that was even possible, laughing, making jokes etc. When an older woman in our office said very defensively and matter-of-factly that she and her twin have different fathers and it's not a big deal. We were stunned into awkward silence. She went on to tell us details of her premature birth in Hawaii, about her mom and twin etc. I'm still not sure what to make of this. She was not a tease by any means, but was a little quirky. Is it possible I really met one of the few people in the world that this happened to? I really don't know.

Speaking of twins - these two are just... Man. I don't even know what to say, other than it's hilarious and sad at the same time. Psychological issues for sure. I really don't think I could stand a conversation with them. Can you imagine sitting by them everyday at school? The man at 5:28 has the perfect expression that says it all. This SNL skit is a great comparison, which actually seems like a really fun party game. It also brings this old clip to mind for it's hilarity and ridiculousness. Strange to what lengths people will go to - making them completely unbearable in the process. Phew.

Not photoshopped, just one picture. The mind boggles.

Finally - Eyeliner.

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Abby said...

Oh my gosh. The twins and hand model would drive me insane! And thanks for solving the mystery about Steve, been bugging me for years :)