Thursday, March 3, 2016

An Awesome Book of Love by Dallas Clayton - Favorite Picture Books

Love is awesome. This book is awesome. Aptly named, wouldn't you say?

This book has fun, unique and colorful illustrations. Each page has a graphic impact that's refreshing and interesting. The rhyming is quirky and flows easily.

But here's what I really love about this book - It's a way to say I love you in an impactful way to a cool-conscious nonconformist little kid. As a parent we show love through our actions all throughout the day, but we still need to make time to say it out loud. Reading this book gets those words going, and you say it many times by the end.

Often books on love can be too sappy, sentimental, and over the top. This book is touching without ever making me feel like I've had a bottle of maple syrup dumped over my head.

I love that this book appeals particularly to elementary school aged boys. Love isn't just a subject, or an emotion, only for girls or adults, but also goofy crazy little boys. Those boys need to hear this message just like the rest of us. And this book is a great resource to get the point across in a fun way.

I also love the background story of the author who wrote his books for his son, then tenaciously got it out there on his own without a publisher. Inspiring for adults as well as kids.

This book, like many others, makes me want to write and illustrate books for my own kids. All in good time!

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