Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Life Updates

1. House

We've finally got our living room put back together, well mostly. Still working on books and pictures and stuff, but that might take years. I love the new floor! It helps to bring everything together. My kids favorite game is to throw pillows around, so I had to take a picture while they're in place.

I've been wanting some new chairs in for the living room and Russell found these awesome ones listed on ksl. I love the shape, so unique and interesting. The only thing is they were kept outside around a campfire by the smell of them. They're kinda beat up. I'm thinking about refinishing one for the girl's room, maybe painted white with patterned upholstery? I can't decide if how I want to refinish them for the living. Maybe just keep the same colors but fix it up? hmm...

I'm still working on the decorative open shelves in the kictchen. but they're up! And all the life management clutter is in the little cupboard next to the fridge. It's working well so far. I'll give an update when I have it all put together.

Jonas and I went on the Tower of Terror together at Disneyland. It was... awful. It broke halfway through and we were stopped staring at a wall waiting in suspense. Teenagers in the front row were screaming and laughing that we're all going to die a the top of their lungs. A little girl in the back row started sobbing. They brought us back to the starting point and the worker said something about someone messing with their seatbelt and as long as we behave, they would restart the ride. And I said "Nope, let us off". It was truly terrifying. And yet, not as scary as waking up to this pile of laundry. The real tower of terror. I freaking hate laundry.

2. Family Life 

Tess is a climber. She's incessant and ambitious. She'll pull the foot stool up to a chair, up to a highchair, up to the counter. That's a 4 step plan just to sit triumphantly on the counter with a grin on her face. She also likes to climb all over me. Naps on the couch have always been delusional wishful thinking, but even more so with her on my back with a penchant for gruffly pointing out my eyes, ears, nose, mouth and hair. 

She's very good at making messes. But that's to be expected from any 18 month old. It's her job, and she does it well.

Jonas and Gwen are great at getting on each other's nerves. I think my health is starting to take its toll on them, because they seem to be acting out all the time. Or maybe it's just a phase that I can't take all the credit for. At any rate, we're trying to spend one on one time with them separately to add a little extra love to their cute little psyches.

3. Doctors

I'm getting really good and bad at doctor's appointments. Good at bringing books and expecting to have to wait for a long time to see the dr. Bad at caring enough to fill out the repetitive paperwork and explaining what's going on with me again and again.

This frame was at the doctor's office I went to today. ... I'm curious as to its history. Garage sale find? Receptionist who dabbles in arts and crafts? Art Project entitled 'Regret from the 80's'?

More MRI's and appointments to come. Getting very old. Every doctor I talk to says that I should see a rheumatologist. Bah!! I could just cry with frustration, because a rheumatologist won't see me until April 26th. I'm going to start calling their office everyday to try and catch a cancellation. I'm considering camping out. I've exhausted all my polite patience and am ready to step on a few toes.

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Jillaye said...

Your new floor looks so good! We need to come see it in person. And Lucy really wants to play with Jonas and Gwen again. Disneyland was like the best time of her life so far I think.