Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Water Damage Repair Progress

Have you ever been inside - walking around in bare feet - and then accidentally stepped in something disgusting? It's awful, the feeling of something gross between your toes. But the worst part is that you're trapped. You have to walk somewhere to clean off your foot but that will make a bigger mess that you will also need to clean up. There's no way out, just gotta go through it. Make the crappy footprints across the floor to ironically get close to having a clean floor. Can't go over. Can't go under or around. Gotta go through.

I feel like we've been stuck in a cycle of inevitable messes for weeks now. We can't clean up because of all the renovating. I can't temporarily move things just for a week because of my mysteriously weak body. We've just got to wallow in this mess for a bit with the hope of a brighter future. But man, I'm so sick of it. It'll be a relief when we're through. 

You can see some of the rotted boards hiding under our shingles. Glad to get those fixed.
They roof was rotting. The framing in the ceiling needed to be replaced, along with the siding, and some of the shingles, and a chimney cap (which is probably what was missing originally which caused this whole mess in the first place). All of those different things took different workers and different days to accomplish. 

Russell kept checking on the tarps on the holes in the roof around the chimney. It was hard that workers kept getting delayed with storms coming. Bah! Snow!

Comparison of the old floor with the new. Hallelujah! At least we get a new floor out of all of this. 
The new floor looks great. We got the baseboard put back in. We even had the painters come yesterday... only to paint it all the wrong hue of white. Bah! All the trim and walls are the same off white color, and they painted the new baseboards and left wall bright white. There have been a few other problems of things that need to be fixed. Hopefully it'll get wrapped up soon. I'm so ready to start slowly digging ourselves out of the mess that's accumulated around us.

Please tell me that you can see the difference between these two. I felt finicky not just going with the flow on this one, but it's really obvious in person.

The mess that's been living on the counters as we're in this state of limbo. This picture actually helps me to put things in perspective. It's not that bad. There's a pretty kitchen hiding under there.

While they've been at it I decided, probably unwisely, to rework our command station wall. I realized that I don't want to have all our necessary life clutter on display. So I'm working on tucking it away and maybe putting some new open shelving like this. Although, now that the wall is all cleaned and painted, I'm wondering if I should leave it plain. Right now it's the only clean blank space in our whole home. Maybe I'll wait until everything else is clear before I decide.

Not bad - But I'm ready for a change. 

Patched up wall. It took a lot out of me to get it to this point. My mom even came over and helped me. Frustrating at how slow I'm moving nowadays.

And amid all this mess and house chaos, there are all these little people still living here. Moving around, eating, dancing, jabbering. I can't wait to have the chaos cleared to allow room for their movement and life. I want to have the house beautiful, but peaceful to give these kids permission again to be the most interesting , crazy, and frustrating things going on in the room.

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