Saturday, February 27, 2016

This Week on the Internet

Jonas lost his first tooth! He was so cute angling for maximum output from the "tooth fairy". I know she's not real. He knows she's not real. He knows I know he knows. He started saying things like "You know mom, sometimes the tooth fairy leaves surprises under your pillow instead of money. Really, she does!" And, at 8 am saying nonchalantly, "I'm pretty tired today. I think I'll take a nap in a little while." haha. He is an incessant campaigner.

It's been another week of doctor's appointments, including a surprisingly sadistic neurological nerve test involving electric needles. *shudder*. Didn't know what I was getting into with that one. Today we're working on putting our house back together. We're hoping for a day of healthy productivity and happy kids. Cross your fingers for us!

Onto the Internet!

The Color Code book has been making the rounds with my siblings. It's really gratifying to have your core personality identifiable, understood, and validated by the people who know you most. I ordered just got this book, recommended by my psychologist, about how to develop positive characteristics that don't come naturally to you.

These pictures of pressed leaves and flowers are amazingly beautiful and inspiring. I could see my mom being really good at this.

Interesting to see how marriage and dating trends are changing over time.

I love my stubborn little kids - but it does feel like an uphill battle to accept their stubborness. Especially when it seems like everything would be just so much easier if they could just be more malleable. I've had a small voice hinting that it's a good trait when funneled into functioning adulthood. This study confirms that. Of course, wealth doesn't predict happiness, but let's overlook that for now.

Silly Salads.

Trip down memory lane with Ghostwriter. I will never ever forget the slime monster episode and all the fascinated horror of watching something remotely scary for the first time.

You need 7+ hours of sleep... or else. I haven't been sleeping well, and I don't like this.

Kids do the cutest things. This week's favorite parenting shares: On the phone. Epic pics. Dog Patient, and patient dog.

SCIENCE! Gravitational waves explained.

Finally, Ideas for dealing with procrastination. An unrelenting problem in today's world of constant distraction, to which I just contributed with this list.

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