Saturday, February 20, 2016

This Week on the Internet

Our house is still stuck in the middle of the restoration from all the water damage. We're getting so close. Just waiting for baseboards and more flooring for the front door landing. This new floor is lighting a fire under me to get some more house projects done. I'll let you know how they go.

On to the internet!

If we were all living as packed in as New Yorkers, the entire population of the world could live in the equivalent of Texas. But if the entire world lived as affluently as Americans - we would use up the earth's resources four times over. Great infographic.

Another statistic that's kinda disturbing in it's implications: There are 2.3 billion square feet of self-storage space in America, or more than 7 square feet for every, man, woman and child in the country.

The most statistically effective anti-bullying teachers all the kids to stand up for each other. Good to keep in mind that bullying is everyone's problem, not just the kids involved.

A very visual example of the ineffective ridiculousness that can result from bureaucracy. Britain Government installs 60 meter wheelchair ramp in an effort to make an apartment accessible.

One writer's words as he realizes he has depression and what it's like. Also a great video about depression in general. Follow up with  Tchaikovsky on depression: “Life is beautiful in spite of everything! … There are many thorns, but the roses are there too.”

Lots of good advice about worrying and friendliness. I especially liked: 9. Make the other person feel important—and do it sincerely. 31. Live in “day-tight compartments.” 36. Once a decision is reached, act! 42. Decide just how much anxiety a thing may be worth and refuse to give it more.

Sex Education is an important topic - and it's been shown that abstinence only teaching is inneffective so I was happy to see that Obama has cut funding for that type of teaching. I learned in college, and personally think that it's best to have clear, casual conversations about sex. Abstinence driven instruction can be incredibly fear based, vague, and confusing for kids. Questions answered honestly and directly are great. I hope they'll figure out a program that's helpful for schools soon!

I love to see the progression this artist has achieved through ten years of practice. The time's gonna pass anyway! Might as well spend some of it getting great at something.

This flipbook proposal hit me in the feels. I normally shy away from anything that could be mawkish, but this is perfect.

I read this article a long time ago and loved it. It's such honest and enjoyable writing.

And finally an old video from Louis CK that is totally right on about kids, parenting, and cell phones. I think about this clip all all all the time. "You know what, no. Just be sad." Such a healthy view of sadness and emotions. Why isn't everyone talking about this? It's so true. You need the ups and downs. Phones are a constant numbing source that can keep you from connection and your own scary feelings and vulnerability. It takes a lot of self-control to not let technology rule you and to let the varied world of experience come in.

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