Thursday, February 4, 2016

Robot Coloring Page - Mini Booklet

Another mini coloring book down to add to the diaper bag arsenal! 

Robots have been a favorite for us since we were engaged. Russell gifted me a picture of a robot in a second hand frame. I loved it and him and knew I was making a good choice. Now that picture's hanging in our downstairs bathroom. We are very romantic as you can tell.

Jonas has been asking me every day since I made Gwen a Princess Booklet if I had made one for him yet. It's really been so much fun to make these. I think I have a new (unpaid) career on my hands. 

Right click on the image below and select "Save Image As". Print as a full page with no "fitting to the page" nonsense. Fold in 1/8ths - Cut on the dotted line and you're set! More detailed instructions here if needed.

Jonas did a great job with his. I loved seeing everything he came up with and hearing his explanations. Creativity for the win!

Just a note - Please be cool and don't steal the booklet by claiming as yours and don't share the actual coloring page image on your site. Feel free to share the other images linking back to this page. Free for non-commercial use. If that guy in China who passed off my toddler car images as his is reading this  - that is most definitely not cool man and I'm coming after you like Liam Neeson

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Lauren Terry said...

This is so awesome. Thanks! I love seeing the detail your kids draw with.