Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Inside Outside by Lizi Boyd - Favorite Children's Books

This is the current favorite book in our house. A year ago I saw it and bought it for "Tess" for christmas. Really, it was just because I loved it.

 But the last couple weeks Tess has really discovered books and this one goes with her almost everywhere. She shuffles around, dragging it on the floor and then sits, points to the dog on every page and barks.

I love the bright colors, the natural fiber paper, and the fun cutouts. I like how the faithful dog follows the little boy everywhere and the cat stays inside whenever the weather's bad. Typical cat. :)

This book makes me want to draw and paint. It's so stylistic, deceptively simple, and colorful.

This picture pretty accurately shows her excitement. She moves too fast for good pictures nowadays. 

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