Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Easy DIY Fleece Pillow and Blanket Set Tutorial

Ready to make a nifty self-contained pillow blanket set?! Yep, I said it - nifty

Buy 1 yard of 59" wide fleece. Make it cute. Take a coupon and make it cheap.

This is a visual to help you see where we're going with this. 

Cut off the bottom 16 inches (or 43 inches depending how you look at it). I folded mine lengthwise to make it faster and easier to cut a straight line.

I also trimmed the edges to clean it up a bit. With that you are done with the blanket! Woo hoo!

Now onto the pillow. Fold the long narrow strip into thirds with right sides together.

It should be about a foot long on the raw edges.

Pin those edges if you want to or live wild and free by just sewing them as is. One seam on two sides.

Now you're done sewing the pillow! 

Trim the edges a bit if you'd like, and then turn your envelope pillow inside out.

Pillow forms are kind of expensive, so I used leftover quilt batting folded over twice and stuffed with a little poly fill to make it slightly puffier. This is just polyester cheap quilt batting. Don't buy the good stuff for this. Just the cheapest will work great.

I didn't sew the batting or anything, just stuff the open end inside the inner pillow pocket. 

Then fold over the outside pillow flap and you should be left with a little empty pocket...

... which is where you put your folded blanket! And that's it!! You're done!!!

We keep one for each kid in the back of the car. They use these all winter and summer. It's perfect for road trips, impromptu blanket for picnics, or naps at grandmas. Since I used leftover quilt batting this whole project was only $6.49. Not too shabby.

Your kid will love it so much they will cry with joy and gratitude. (or because they didn't want to lay down on it for a picture when they could be chasing the dog.)

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