Thursday, February 25, 2016

Anti-Inflammatory Meal Ideas Part 2

 It's been another week of clean eating! I've learned a few things this week and I wanna share. Planning. Like, when you eat fruits and vegetables, you run out. When you run out you need to buy more if you want to be able to eat more. Super obvious, I know. But I woke up Monday morning fresh out of fresh food. I found myself standing in the kitchen looking at containers of dry beans and rice going "uh...". This week I planned accordingly and got a little extra to tide us over through shopping day. It helped to save last week's menu and shopping list to figure out what we'd need from there. 

Shopping Day has turned out to be the vital key to a week of healthy eating. If I buy all the fruits and vegetables, then take the time to cut, wash, and bag them - then they're there and ready for us whenever we need them. It's been awesome to have a whole shelf of fresh food that's ready to go. The kids have loved this. And I love that they can get good snacks without help.

Hummus, White Bean, Pecan Salad.

My Go-to Snack: Apples, Celery, No Sugar PB, and Golden Raisins

Quick Lunch of Tacos & Honeydew. White Corn Tortillas with Hummus and Leftover Salad. Topped with Rotisserie Chicken seasoned with Turmeric, Salt & Pepper.

Monday Morning Oatmeal. Pulse Flax Seeds in blender, add pitted Dates, warm Water, PB and Coconut Oil. Puree adding more water if necessary. Mix with Oats, Chia Seeds, Unsweetened Shredded Coconut, Raisins, Pecans, Cinnamon, and a pinch of Salt. Put in a jar in the fridge and fill until just covered with Coconut Milk (from a carton, not canned). Keep in the fridge overnight and for the rest of the week so you have breakfast ready for you! I take out a big scoop, add more coconut milk and microwave for a minute. While it's in the microwave I toast a handful of oats, pecans and unsweetened coconut in a little frying pan. This gives it such a great crunch and flavor! Top with toasted oats and bananas. 

Uncle Ben's Tofu Stir Fry: From my actual uncle Ben, not the brand. :) Earlier in the day cut Extra Firm Tofu into cubes and rest in the fridge in paper towel lined container. When ready to prepare dinner, Coat Tofu by shaking them around in a bag with Corn Starch, Salt, and Pepper. Shallow pan fry on all sides in a little olive oil/sesame oil until nicely browned. Set aside. Saute Sesame Oil, Onions, Celery, Carrots, Garlic, and Ginger. Add in Broccoli and Shredded Cabbage, cover and steam until slightly soft. Season with Salt, Pepper, and Lemon. Optional Gluten Free Soy Sauce or Bragg's. Served on Jasmine Rice with Steamed Brussels Sprouts.

Quick Lunch Snack Plate: Cauliflower, Broccoli, Radishes, Hummus, Leftover Salad, Grapes.

This was seriously, ridiculously amazing. Really. Make this. Eat this. Chicken Black Bean Soup: Prep according to these directions, omitting diced green chilies and chili powder and add extra Cumin, Coriander, Oregano, and Turmeric. Saute Rotisserie Chicken seasoned with Lime, Turmeric, Cumin, Salt and Pepper. Set aside. Warm Corn Tortillas in a pan with a little olive oil and salt. Top soup with Chicken, Green Onions, Olives, Lime Zest, and Lime Juice. Serve with lettuce, cabbage, chips, tortillas and lime.


Dean, Andrea, Tanner, Landon, & Braddock said...

All that food looks amazing! Hope it's helping you feel better too!

kat said...

Okay you make this food look soo good!