Saturday, January 2, 2016

This week on the internet

The first week of January is out of the way. Now I call that an accomplishment. Now spend some time reading some stuff from the internet as a reward for a week of mild effectiveness.

My family is a star wars family, and as such, I've never had the privilege of seeing anyone's reaction to (SPOILER) Luke's Paternity discovery. (oh, you thought I was going to spoil the new movie? Nah. I'm not that kinda girl.) This girl gives a great reaction. Hairy arm alert. You've been warned.

Year review of the best Onion articles

As soon as I read this article about the 5 hour workday I sent the link to Russell. It almost seems to wonderful to be true. And then I think about the hours that I spent wasting, I mean working in offices and then it makes more sense. 

This article is disconcerting.  America's gotta get it together.

This video helps to show how wide the economic gap really is, and it's bigger than we think. 

After a long search I found the perfect fabric for my quilt. What quilt you ask? You will see...

This appetizer looks amazing - and is apparently easier to make than it appears.

I've been laid up with a mysterious foot problem this week which has given me a lot of extra time to watch stuff. This documentary was great and worth the watch. 

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