Saturday, January 30, 2016

This Week on the Internet

Jonas brought this home from church last week. haha. His poor teacher. I think this would make a good t-shirt actually.
Life is ticking along! The house is getting slowly worked on. We're all getting older. So a good week all in all. I've had nightmares this week that have been bothersome. Including Will Smith trying to sell me jewel bedazzled jeans, my sister kindly repairing my wood floor but making it so I couldn't get it replaced, and working back at my college job in a copy center. I've noticed that every morning when I wake out of one of those bad dreams, I go on to have a stressed/depressed day. Not sure if it's causation or correlation. Maybe an dream catcher is what I need. Crystals... something.

Now onto the internet.

Oh X-files. I have loved you. I'm  not sure my mother heart can handle you anymore. But I'm willing to give it another shot. Here's a list of episodes ranked from worst to best. Time to brush up for the new season.

There is something enjoyable in being sick, but not too sick, and using that as a chance to take extra care of yourself. Hard to do when you're a mom, but not impossible I think. I'm learning.

Loved this advice to take your child's worries and joys seriously. Also, is it a problem that I have a suspicion that the age that I do best with is... adults? ack.

I love reading classics. I know that can come off as snooty - but I figure that if it's a classic, it's been thoroughly vetted and has something to offer.  This discussion has some good ideas for books to put on the list.

Jonas was really excited and proud to find out that the huge snowstorm hitting the east was named after him. He wanted to see a picture of it. This one's beautiful. Also, this is snow related, so here.

I'm kind of sick of hearing about what we americans are addicted to. I just wanna shout "leave my cheese alone!!" and obsessively hoard it like any self-respecting addict would do.

Five year olds are such cute little cheaters. This is one of the reasons why I have a hard time playing board games with my kids.

I'm not sure how helpful of a discussion it is to speculate on the average cost of raising a child. I've heard very different numbers. Roughly $200,000 seems pretty reasonable of an estimate to me. Two things that I thought were interesting from this was realizing how much staying home with them avoids large daycare costs (although then you are missing an extra income), but also talking about having kids can make lifestyle inflation even more tempting. You want to give your kids a good life, but that doesn't necessarily mean you need an SUV and a big house to go along with it. (I'm pretty guilty on both counts here... minivan and big ol' old house... so not as bad, but still something to think about.)

I've had postpartum depression with every kid. It's scary, and confusing, and feels like it'll last forever. I think there are a lot of steps to be taken toward catching and helping these mamas. Having across the board screening would help a lot - and go towards taking the stigma out of it as well.

Hooray for walking and not running! This is something I can really get behind.

Finally, this and this made me laugh.

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Mom Tyler said...

You are concerned that you might be best at adults-your kids will be adults alot longer than they will be kids. So take heart. :) Plus, you are doing great with them now.