Saturday, January 16, 2016

This Week on the Internet

I'm happy to see this week go. I've learned a lot this week. It's all been good learning that I'll be glad to have under my belt. But I'm ready to move on and have a relaxing weekend. Here are my favorites from the internet this week:

Pain is necessary, Suffering is optional. It's good to be sad sometimes.

Impress all your friends with your potato chip skills.

Why BS is no laughing matter. See also New Age BS GeneratorBy unveiling, we grow. Today, science tells us that the essence of nature is stardust.

I love seeing what people's first reactions are to things that are already ingrained in our culture. Korean girls eating BBQ. It made me desperate for a pulled pork sandwich. Thanks for fixing that problem Zupas.

I've you've been confused by what "millenials" means, this inforgraph is for you. I've wondered if not knowing the term automatically means that I'm not one. This helped.

Secret categories from the back-end of Netflix.

These mixed media sculptures and paintings are super inspiring and cool. They're not as they first appear.

Parks & Rec is seriously such a great show. If you make it through the first season you will be rewarded many times over. Russell and I have been thinking it's about time for a re-watch. Poor Jerry.

I'm intrigued by the concept of a capsule wardrobe. Not sure that I want to spend that much time thinking about my clothes - but it's a nice dream.

I admit I really like Marie Kondo's first book. There is a definite need in our society to purge stuff and become less materialistic. But this article made me reconsider what's driving some of my organizational goals. She makes a good point that there's something about the clearly compulsive nature of Kondo's lifelong passion for total control over her environment that's a little off. Makes me want to relax on the pressure I feel to be totally organized. It feels like it could become a desperate attempt for certainty springing from emotional insecurity. I just need to remember to keep it balanced and realistic.

And finally, this article has been an important part of my thoughts this last week. You should care about things in a way that makes it a possibility that tragedy will happen to you. is one of my new favorite ideas.

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