Saturday, January 9, 2016

This Week on the Internet

Jonas slid this under our bedroom door yesterday morning. Some things have been sliding through the cracks lately. Guess our kids still want food. haha.

Here's a few of my favorite interesting things I've found on the internet this week. Hope you had a great week where you did way less browsing than I did!

Traits of emotionally strong people.  Willing to feel pain, to be wrong, to accept their emotions. I have a lot to learn.

NYPL Shares Huge Archive of 180,000 High-Res Public Domain Images Online. There's some cool stuff there and I love that there are resources out there that people can use creatively free of charge.

Interesting article about race from an adoptive mixed race family. I haven't really thought about white privilege until the last few years. These are good discussions to have, good articles to read. I also liked this interview on Stephen Colbert about what we can do.

I've been dismayed learning about the armed "protest" in Oregon. I don't know a lot about the dispute behind this, but I thought that this article made a really good point in saying "If everyone with a gripe against the government responded by threatening federal officials with weapons, America would no longer be a nation governed by the rule of law." It's very offensive to me that they cite their faith and God as justification for their threats of violence. Come on guys. No.

I've never actually read any Stephen King books. I've been afraid to - nightmares, etc. But I've read a lot of articles that he's written about writing and reading. This picture of him at a red sox game makes me like him immediately. 


Lauren Terry said...

Wow, that emotional health article hits hard and heavy. Reading that list was like, "um...dang it. not again?" Life's a work in progress.

Abby said...

I want to spend more time looking at all these but I was just looking at the NYPL release and there's a cool search tool where you can search all the pictures by color and genre etc. Pretty awesome!