Thursday, January 28, 2016

Generic Princess Coloring Page - Mini Book

I'm always looking for not disney, not sexy princess coloring pages. Not that there's anything wrong with being disney or sexy. I just don't really want to inundate my daughter with them continually. For years now I've been making little coloring page booklets that I can stick in my purse and the kids can easily hold and color. Now I'm taking it a step further and designing them myself. Why? because I love it! I really do! Illustrator is my happy place. And sharing them with you makes it seem less indulgent and more generous of me to spend my time in such a way. Rationalization isn't always a bad thing.

I wanted this booklet to have a little more substance and be a little more creative than a typical color in the lines coloring page. I wanted Gwen to use her imagination, create a character with a background, setting, and likes. This is basically preschool age writing development. I think it's okay for girls to pay attention to looks and dresses, but I don't want that to be the only thing that goes along with her princess infatuation. There's more to even the shallowest princess. And that's what I'm trying to reinforce here.

This is where you say - "Aw come on mom. Can't we just color something without getting so analytical?! You could suck the fun out of a lollipop." (trademark pending)

Right click and select "Save Image As" to download image and print as a full letter page. Don't "fit to page" in your printer settings or it will offset the folding lines. It'll still mostly work but I'll roll in my grave when I'm dead.

The folding is pretty straightforward if you've done it before. If not, this might be helpful. Fold it into 1/8ths along the lines. Fold hamburger styler and cut along the dotted line like so:

Then fold hot dog style and squish it together so the middle opens like a frog mouth...

... push it together the rest of the way...

... until you  have your finished booklet!

Just a note - Please be cool and don't steal the booklet by claiming as yours and don't share the actual coloring page image on your site. Feel free to share the other images linking back to this page. Free for non-commercial use. If that guy in China who passed off my toddler car images as his is reading this  - that is most definitely not cool man and I'm coming after you like Liam Neeson.


Lauren Terry said...

Wow, awesome. My girls will love these. Thanks!

Mom Tyler said...

My age is showing. How do I download it? Love how the castle turned out!:)

Anna said...

oh yeah - sorry. Right click on the image and select "save as" and then choose where you want to save it on your computer. :) Thanks