Sunday, October 12, 2014

Happy Birth-day Tess

The labor and delivery were great!! They hooked me up to Petocin, gave me an epidural, and a few hours later the nurses and doctor were literally running in to catch her. One push and voila! a beautiful little girl! 

She has really long fingers and toes. Some version of Daddy's nose and Mommy's eyes. Fuzzy dark-ish hair and nondescript newborn blue eyes. She has a nice cute round little head and soft chubby cheeks.

So excited to meet their new little sister! We'd been waiting for so long.  


lots of random naps going on. holding a sleeping baby is better than a sleeping pill for knocking us out.

Now comes the fun part of figuring out how to maneuver a family of 5. I keep thinking that we're through the woods when we keep getting hit by things like crazy painful feedings, mastitis, colds, etc. But I think that we really are getting closer to the point where we can start living again (aka, get some laundry done). Either way, it's been so much fun to have Tess around. She's so sweet and we all love her so much!

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