Tuesday, September 23, 2014

life at 36+ weeks


Well, we're definitely in the pregnancy home stretch. It's been a crazy week. I had an amniocentesis last friday to see if the baby's lungs were developed with a planned induction for immediately after. Aaaaand - the test came back a no go. So we went back home to wait for one more week. It was really weird to get everything ready and prepared for the baby to come - get the kids and molly all carted off, bags packed, the house all clean and organized, "last" pregnant picture taken (above) etc, and then not have a baby. The good news is that I'm being induced on Friday. The bad news is that I'm itching like a bleeping bleep bleeper. haha. If I were a swearing woman - this would be the time. As it is, doesn't quite carry the weight required. Ah well, that's okay.

It was kind of hard to deal with at first - not having the baby last week. But it's actually been nice to have a week to relax as a family and do some fun things together. We've been taking it easy, making dinners, and doing a few last things to get ready. Now if only I could sleep and I wasn't pretty much going crazy with itching all the time then it really would be a nice relaxing week. :)

Molly before haircut, chillin Jabba the Hut style in Russell's office. She claims the remote.

All cleaned up and respectable. For anyone who's curious and naive like us - paying for grooming and a haircut is soooo worth it. 

Jonas said that this tree with a giant growth on it looked pregnant like me. haha. nice.

Found this gem at Ross while looking for baby stuff. No - didn't get it. I'm kicking myself constantly for that one. A cast of my pregnant torso would have looked awesome on the mantel. For the people whose awkward maternity photos just aren't enough. 
 Family night in the canyon was easy and fun.
Gwen sure loves water and nature. She sat there throwing leaves and rocks in the stream the whole time. Reminds me of a recent book we picked up at DI that we love - Dragon Scales and Willow Leaves. All about how a brother and sister use their imagination differently to view the world around them. It fits Jonas and Gwen pretty well.

Foam pad for Gwen's "treehouse". Russell was thrilled to spend $20 on this. Let me tell you.
So I made these pages for the kids as a catalyst to talking about what it takes to get ready and care for a baby. They even have little clip art of binkies, bottles, baths, etc to practice. They had so much fun coloring and playing with these.
Gwen's was super cute, and then I looked over and for some reason she decided that Tess didn't look fierce enough and added the eyebrows and yellow tears.

haha oh boy. Demon baby. Hope that this isn't prophetic. Still really hoping that Tess doesn't have colic.

You said it Molly.

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