Monday, September 22, 2014

Jonas is 5!

Dinosaur Birthday Party Invite. Thank you Pinterest for the easy idea.

5 yr old boy birthday presents that were a hit in case anyone's interested: want - Dinobot transformers, need - cd player w/ homemade cds, wear - monster backpack with some fun clothes inside,  read -  Lego Idea book
Trip to the Curiosity Museum. SOOOO much better when everyone else is in school.

Jonas' favorite restaurant - Pizza Pie Cafe. Kinda tricky now that we can't have dairy - but they made a pizza without cheese just for us. 

So many people who love you Jonas! What a lucky kid!!!

He fell in the mud and was pretty upset. Luckily Rosario saved the day and cleaned him up. Jonas still doesn't like talking about it though. That kid doesn't like to get dirty. 

We buried dinosaurs in the volleyball court and the kids had so much fun digging them up and re-burying them. Seriously golden idea! So much fun for minimal effort!

Oh yeah, and one more dino picture just for fun. :)

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