Tuesday, September 23, 2014

itch, sew, clean, repeat.

I've had some nights recently with only an hour of sleep and the itching is getting crazier every day. The extreme discomfort is one thing, but concern for the baby brings it all to a new level. Anyway - the itching is worse at night - so for a couple months now I've been spending a lot of nights sewing and organizing. It's been a great distraction and gives me something to do other than scratch and worry. Here are some of my projects:

I love these mini pom poms for the border! Receiving blanket - flannel one side, cotton on the other. 

I've sewn lots of burp cloths - and then some. Tutorial here.

What's a car seat without a cover - am I right? It's basically a utah mom requirement. Don't know if the hospital would let me take the baby home without one. :)

I love the cross-stitched gray linen along with the mini pom pom border again. I've had to stop myself from buying those little pom poms in every color. 

I'm not really a matching baby crib bedding kinda girl - but this crib's railing was getting kind of yellowed and cracking at the top. So I made a super easy teething guard with fleece, a hole punch, and ribbon. The whole thing took less than 10 minutes and cost under 3 dollars thanks to clearance ribbon from walmart. 

Gwen hasn't even untied all the ribbons yet - so that's a plus.

I was pretty impressed with myself at being able to fit my pregnant belly up there. It's surprisingly roomy once you fit through the little opening. Gwen can stand full height in there, reach up and barely touch the ceiling.

I added a cushion and cover to make it nice and comfy up there.

I also added some ikea spice shelves for all her special books and treasures - and then attached the lights to the ceiling. This spot has gotten soooo much play with these few little updates. Jonas and Gwen spend tons of time up there and have so much fun. 

Just a few of the many baby hair clips that I've been making. 

Jonas has been sleeping with a rough denim/canvas blanket for years. Then Lauren sent this quilt and he loves it! He calls it his comfy blanket and now sleeps with it every night. The only thing is that it's crib size so it's not really big enough to cover him. So I made a quick blanket for him with that soft minky fabric on one side, a black (his request of course) sheet on the other, and cute striped edging. I love how it looks with Lauren's quilt! And Jonas loves how soft it is. 

Finally, a car seat blanket. The car seat fabric seemed a little rough for a newborn, and it'll be nice to keep Tess warm this winter.
I kinda winged this one based loosely on this tutorial. Hopefully it'll work okay! If not, it served it's purpose by helping to distract me from the itching for one night. 

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Rachel Warner said...

Anna, you crack me up! Ha ha. I can't believe you didn't buy the belly mold. . . :) I hope everything goes well with Tess' delivery. Post pictures when she's here!