Wednesday, September 3, 2014

first day of preschool for Jonas

This kid is in constant motion when I pull out the camera. I have to admit he's got some pretty sweet moves. 

His backpack packed with 3 things to share with the class about him. A 3-D printed Minecraft creeper, his pokemon card album, and "There's a Monster at the end of this Book". Also a back-up bag of dairy free treats just in case. He's going to preschool next door (awesome!) with a really great lady who's so good with kids. He's the oldest one in the class, so he already knows a lot of the material, but I'm more interested in him learning to be a helper, friend, and how to function in a class setting.

Gwen's going to be doing one on one preschool at home with Mommy and I'm excited! Granted, today didn't go so well. She was supposed to draw a picture of herself and drew a really cute drawing with rainbow hair. But then she got really mad that the hair wasn't curly and didn't look like "Beauty & the Beasts hair" and screamed about that for the next hour. sigh. I think I need to print this and put it in her room. 

She is such a sweet girl though. I love all the range of her personality. She often tells everyone in the family that she loves them out of nowhere. She's so great to have around.

 This picture represents the dynamic of their relationship pretty well. Jonas is so goofy and Gwen is a princess. Fun to see their different stages. 

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