Thursday, June 19, 2014

summer boredom busters

I'm not sure how it is that we're so afflicted by summer boredom - because my kids aren't normally in school anyway. But man, we've got it bad. We all just seem bored all the time - and if I don't help the kids find outlets for their energy they get creative with how to fight each other and make destructive messes. Mostly they just sit and cry at me. So here's a few things that we've done to try and make it through:

Monster shooting practice - I drew a few monster shapes for them, they colored them in, then we hung them up in the play room and they used them for target practice. Nice way to use the nerf guns without ending up with hurt faces and feelings two minutes later because they just end up shooting each other.

And of course, there's lots and lots of coloring.

Gwen likes to put long ribbon around her hair and pretend to be Rapunzel.

Then there's always swimming outside. Ball pit balls and a slide add some fun elements. And, oh yeah, the pony wandering over from across the street to drink the water makes it fun too. 

Their latest favorite is a treasure hunt. We sit together and I draw a Dora style plan of different activities that they have to go through on their way to find the treasure, like jumping on the couch 5 times, ringing the doorbell 3 times, drawing a picture, reading a couple books, then I hide a couple little treats at the X at the end. 

Here they are almost done with their treasure hunt. They liked it so much that they wanted to do another one right after... so I put the X at the beginning point of the map and they did the whole thing backwards. 

Gwen's favorite has been the fort that we made with rope, sheets and clothes pins. She even added the pirate flag to make it legit. 

On a particularly dark rainy day we added christmas lights to the top and they pretended that it was christmas. They brought each other little "presents" and sang christmas songs. 

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