Wednesday, June 18, 2014

23 weeks - life continues

Finally, I feel like this pregnancy is moving along. I can feel her moving all the time (oh yeah, HER! It's a girl). I still feel pretty tired and get weak and dizzy sometimes, but food is not something to be feared anymore. It's such a huge relief. I have gone off of milk to hopefully keep this baby from having the milk allergy that the other kids have. Not sure if it'll really help - but it won't really hurt. Especially since we already make meals dairy-free at home. The biggest issue is no more Taco Amigo burritos and shakes, for which I mourn.

Molly's growing up and the kids & Russell totally love her. I have to admit that I love her too, especially now that her smell doesn't make me throw up. I've even petted her a few times lately. small improvements.

Russell and I have been making dinners together lately and it's great. For so long I couldn't even go near the kitchen or even let Russell cook a lot of things because of the smell. The kids like to help cooking too. It makes preparing meals kinda crazy, but fun and memorable.

For Father's Day & Mother's day we have this arrangement where we each get to pick out what we want. I bought flowers for the yard and Russell got some Programming thing he's been wanting. It's great, we're both so happy not only with what we got, but not having to try to figure out what to get each other. Although, we still help the kids to make a little something and the kids love it.

This year the kids picked out a Dad hat and made a "car mat massage" shirt. Russell love back scratches so the shirt was great.

Our little independent Gwen is growing up. Everything's getting too short.

The kids had their first swimming lessons ever the last couple weeks at the PG Pool. They were really nervous at first but grew to love it.

We've been spending a lot of time taking advantage of our Thanksgiving Point Pass. The kids love the dinosaur museum and the new curiosity museum. Russell and I like that we don't have to go for longer than an hour to try to get our money's worth, we can just come back any time.

Killing time at the park.
Crocheted a baby blanket - good low energy activity
Russell working in his private domain

And watching the World Cup on the side

A few days ago Jonas was telling me that he really wanted this particular Pokemon book. He worked so hard to do chores to earn money for it and a Rescue Bot book and they came in the mail today! He's been so excited for them. So proud of him for working so hard for a goal. Growing up.


Dean, Andrea, Tanner, Landon, & Braddock said...

I've missed you! You have such a cute baby belly! And congrats on another girl. Also when you get a second could you please fly to PA and overhaul my whole house cause yours is GORGEOUS!

Linda M. H. said...