Wednesday, April 16, 2014

glimmer of hope

I've been having food dreams. Where food tastes good. And then for a few minutes out a couple of days lately I'll remember these times when I've had amazing food like some kind of vision from a previous life. I don't know if it would actually taste good to me if I could have it - but I've spent about half an hour looking at this picture and waxing poetical, torturing Russell with memories of how delicious this food is:

photo credit

I give you PUNTAS DE FILETE A LA NORTEÑA from Red Iguana, SLC. This almond molé is the craziest best thing I've ever eaten.  I've never had so much fun with my imagination as I've had pretending that I'm eating this deliciousness all rolled up in a soft taco. Would I really be able to eat it if it was in front of pregnant me right now? Not sure.

Other food fantasies? Terra Mia Margherita Pizza. One dinner of Orriechete and Duck Ragu and Cherries at some pretentious restaurant in San Francisco. And Samosas from Kohinoor. Maybe there is hope for me and food after all.

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