Wednesday, March 19, 2014

the hidden joy of parenthood

We're pregnant again. Freaky. Even more-so than previous kids now that I really know what I'm getting into. I've become disillusioned.  I have moments where I'm excited to hold a cute little baby, to get to meet a new person (which meeting honestly takes time. You get hints of who's really in that little body, but it unfolds gradually). But I'm pretty much generally scared. And sick and tired. I found this site today and I love it. Worth reading through to the end. Having kids has been the hardest thing I've ever done. Worth it? Yes. I'm just trying to learn to enjoy the good moments when they come. I'm even learning to be able to enjoy some of the bad moments in retrospect. They make the good moments even better if you're able to shake it off. Like a nauseous pregnant woman eating a tuna fish sandwich after having thrown up. A disgusting, but appropriate analogy.

PS - Due in October. Heaven help us. :)


Dean, Andrea, Tanner, Landon, & Braddock said...

Wahoo! I know just how you feel. Ha! Who knows if we'll ever get to #4?! Congrats though. Seriously.

cori said...

Hugs! I have been missing your blog, I guess now I know why :). Don't worry, you have been gaining incredible skills the last few years. Third time's the charm...and don't drink the milk :)