Thursday, October 3, 2013


Here's some random details from our lives lately. If I were, you know, a blogger, I would probably devote multiple posts to each of these things... but I'm lazy, so they're all smooshed together here.

1. This Picture:

I'm not sure at what point you declare an accident prone 2 1/2 yr old girl potty trained - but I think that we're probably somewhere in that territory.

2. Jonas turned 4

We had a networked minecraft party at Grandpa's school. It was so much fun and Jonas loved it! All the cousins loved it too. An unseen effect from this party is that all the cousins are addicted and now require intervention. At leas they had fun with it for a little while. :)


3. We got a dog!

Introducing our cute little Molly. She's a Lhasapoo Sheltie mix, which we're pretty sure is the sweetest combination because she's been awesome.

She's getting big so fast. Kinda makes me sad, but it's also fun that she's learning so much.

4. Jonas loves Pokemon.

He reads this book constantly.

5. Current favorite game

6. Gwen's watching me

Caught her with a crayon in her hair today. haha, I didn't even have a pen in my hair today, but she must have noticed me do it and then filed it away for later. A little scary. I feel like my parenting grace period is over. They're too observant.

7. Happy Birthday Russell

He's such a good dad, husband, and friend. 

8. Organizing

I've been avoiding the kitchen for months, and it's because everything hiding behind those doors was a crazy mess. It's amazing how goooood it feels to have these three places organized. I just may cook again.

Saw spices in drawers at Ikea. genius. This is a game changer folks.

Don't let this simple picture fool you, one day ago, you would have no idea how messy under the sink can get. Picture about a million grocery bags along with other unmentionables.

9. Halloween decorations

Not done yet - but it's a fun start. The kids totally love it.

 Our spooky halloween tree where we'll remember costumes of halloweens past.

10. Board and Batten and Painting up the wazoo

 Holy cow. This project took me five solid days. Cutting, measuring, caulking, priming painting. But I think it's going to be great. I still need to make some more changes, but it's coming along (see halloween pic above, which is not an accurate color representation, but gives you an idea).


Dean, Andrea, Tanner, Landon, & Braddock said...

Holy cow your house looks AMAZING!! How did you get that done with two kids in tow??? And congrats to Gwen on being sorta potty trained. Ha! I think that pic of her with the potty seat will definitely be on her wedding video one day. ;) And I want your dog!! I don't even like animals, but that dog is ADORABLE. Where did you get him??

Anna said...

Thanks Andrea! The family that Russell home teaches has a great dog that Russell would always talk about - and that dog's parents had puppies again! So we lucked out that way, having a pretty good idea of temperament etc. :) home teaching pays off.

Delys said...

Isn't it weird to have a 4-year-old? I keep being surprised by how big and grown up Katie is. And then I feel sad that Ben isn't a baby anymore. And then I realize since I don't have a baby I should probably be getting a lot more done... I love your walls, it looks awesome! Your posts inspire me, now I just need to get busy. Love you!!

Andy Z said...

Oh my gosh! I love the bats!! Where did you find those/how did you make them?? Looks awesome!

Andy Z said...

Oh my gosh! I love the bats!! Where did you find those/how did you make them?? Looks awesome!

Anna said...

Thanks Andy Z!I got the idea of the bats from here: I cut a stack of cardstock at a time and it went quickly. I've re-used them for a few years now and they've been great!