Wednesday, October 30, 2013

indoor playhouse pt. 2

I thought that I'd post a follow up to my previous indoor playhouse post to show some more updates! Because, you know, Apartment Therapy featured our indoor playhouse today. No big deal. (insert freak out here)

I drilled holes in the bottom of the window box so that the kids could put the flowers in and out easily. Gwen is constantly picking the flowers and walking around with them as a huge bouquet singing songs and making meals on her pretend  kitchen. What a wonderful fantasy world she lives in. Jonas just uses them as pretend swords and he has flower fights with his friends. 

I added this wireless battery powered doorbell and it's been the kids favorite. When kids come over to play they're so excited that it actually works. Moms are pretty impressed too. :)

If you're wondering what's going on inside the playhouse, the answer is... not much. It's pretty small in there. There's a couple little chairs and it has a constantly rotating selection of toys that the kids bring in and out at will. Jonas painted this robot portrait of our family which hangs proudly inside.

We got the hanging basket second hand and it holds more greenery that the kids pull in and out and play with all the time.

There's also a little letter holder that they made at home depot. They LOVE to make letters for each other and send them through the little mail slot and then keep them in here. 

I also added a couple of lights that are seen here as blazing balls of light because I'm not a photographer. :) In the loft is a cute little yellow moon light and inside is this light with a little switch that's easy for the kids to turn on and off.

And there you have it! It's really been so fun and the kids have loved it and still play with it *almost* daily a year later. It's been so much fun! I can't wait to build another one outside.

If you want to see part 1 and the building process check out the original post here.


Courtney Lee said...

very lucky kiddos you have.

Holly said...

I adore this!

Dean, Andrea, Tanner, Landon, & Braddock said...

That is SO cool! And my boys would kill to have this in our house.

Beth said...

We were thrilled to feature it! I love the updates you've done. Doorbell... brilliant!