Thursday, October 3, 2013

disneyland 2.0

Second attempt at disneyland with kids - and it went really well!! We went for five days, with an extra day to relax and go to the beach. It was a great pace to make it so that we weren't frantic trying to beat all the people around us to the next ride. 

Jonas has a pretty good talent for posing for pictures. 

Gwen LOVES It's a Small World and the "Tea Sets" rides.

We were in line for Winnie the Pooh and this picture was Jonas idea/posing "Mom! hurry and take a picture because I'm 4!"

As far as Gwen is concerned, nothing is more terrifying than Winnie the Pooh. 

Jonas respectfully declined to be in the above picture with me and Gwen... sucker.

Mickey and Minnie get piggy-backs

Jonas hated HATED waiting to get into the park in the morning. Every morning he would throw a little tantrum. Super fun.

They totally loved the parades.

Russell was great at getting the kids (and himself) to sleep in the hotel. Here he's scratching both their backs. 


Jonas and Russell's favorite ride.

Gwen was fascinated and terrified by the princesses at the same time. She hid in my shoulder the whole time we were talking to them, and then as soon as we turned away from them she would smile at me and talk to me about how excited she was that she got to meet a princess.

Alice in Wonderland and all of her dressed up crew sat and talked to jonas and gwen for like five minutes. It was so much fun. They were trying to get Gwen to acknowledge them the whole time... and she didn't. :)

And that's it! Woo hoo! fun trip! Not pictured: Long car rides with a maddening amount of stops to accomodate stomach-flu-ridden-potty-training children. Luckily they recovered quickly. :)

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