Thursday, July 11, 2013

another day - another cleaning schedule

I've made one of these before. At our last house I felt like I had things pretty figured out and I had a schedule that made a clean house achievable... But then we moved to a bigger older house, with a big neglected yard, and my previous schedule didn't work anymore. I'm guessing that every house is a little different in its requirements. For example, in this house, I should really probably vacuum those brown entryway stairs everyday if I wanted things to look nice, but in my last house, they could go for a *cough* really long time without any attention whatsoever.

I also wanted to establish some routine that the kids could help with to get them in the habit of doing daily consistent little things to keep our house nice. They help me with most of the things on our list. We start together cleaning rooms, then Gwen tends to wander a bit while Jonas gets SUPER excited about vacuuming. It seems to be working. And I have to admit - I get a ridiculous amount of satisfaction from those little black x's.

The other day we had an FHE on having a "house of order". We played a game where I hid Jonas' beloved robot in his messy room and he had to find it. It took a long time and was kinda frustrating for him. But then we cleaned it up real quick, and, low and behold, when everything's put away, he knew just where it was. It was a simple game, but I think it struck a chord with Jonas. This little 3 yr old guy is starting to get it. 

I was distracted this morning with other things that came first - so we didn't do our morning run through together. But when I walked by Jonas' room, I noticed that he made his bed and tidied his room all by himself. Without anyone suggesting it. I almost fell over. Hallelujah. It feels good to have your parenting efforts actually pay off every once in a while. :) 

So while I still have yet to check everything off for every day (you know how things are, kids, etc.) I still feel like our house is cleaner overall. And I feel happier about the cleaning and the messes. I feel like I don't have to keep a running tally in my head of what needs to be done. If we miss something one day, I don't stress about it as much because I know that we'll get to it soon, and that the majority of our house feels generally put together in the meantime. There's really something to the idea of a small consistent effort that saves the day.

Just in case you like the format I made and want to make one for yourself I included my list for inspiration and a blank one below:


Dean, Andrea, Tanner, Landon, & Braddock said...

So I was just perusing through blogs tonight when I happened upon a link to your playhouse!!! I was like, "Holy cow that's Anna's playhouse!!!" I feel famous by association. ;) It is pretty, dang, awesome. You're welcome to come build one at my house any time. Miss you!

Here's the blog link...

Anna said...

haha - awesome! Man, now that has me thinking that I should have taken a better picture or something. :)

Miss you too Andrea! Wish i could retake some of those MFHD classes now.