Monday, June 17, 2013

fathers and the art of sprinkler maintenance

It's been a crazy and great month so far of weddings, family in town, concerts in the park, and endless activity.  Things have slowed down a little bit the last couple of days and I realize how grateful I am for my little family - and especially that my kids have such a good dad.

Hike behind Big Springs Park, Provo Canyon

 Jonas was nice enough to draw pictures for his Daddy on paper AND on the table.

Jonas made a little book about his "Super Dad" and he came up with the words and the pictures. I just asked "what is Dad good at, Jonas?" and he did the rest. It was so cute and sweet how he knew exactly what he wanted to put down without any prompting from me. I love his expressions on his guys too. So fun to have a little boy.

And here's the current view of our backyard. So that's why they say you need to adjust the sprinklers every year... grrr. Yeah, we're getting to that tomorrow. :)

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