Monday, May 13, 2013

san francisco

Trying to make the best of our unexpected 5+ hour layover.

View from our room at the Fairmont Tower. It was so amazing.

By coincidence we happened to walk through china town on our way to Mama's for Breakfast. Honestly, I was kind of relieved that the shops weren't open. It was nice and peaceful.

We didn't get many shots of the washington square area, but I loved it. It felt like a place where people really lived.  we saw tons of kids walking to school, and a park full of people doing that slow moving japanese yoga stuff you see in movies. It was beautiful and so fun.

Stiff walk up to Coit Tower. Not sure if a steeper grade would be possible and still practical.

This was my favorite. Such a cool art-deco building in an amazing location. Seriously beautiful.

Seals at Fisherman's wharf. meh. :)

On our way to alcatraz.
Solitary Confinement. The inidividual head phone tour was awesome. It was like PBS to the max. Really fun history.

view of SF from alcatraz

Really cool Oysteria. This stuff was intimidating and awesome. You know you love my lobster bib.

Grace Cathedral. This has actually been recently rebuilt and is kind of crazy inside, with modern-ish murals and "non-denominational" altars and things.

In the Lobby at the Fairmont. Yeah, we're really comfortable in such palatial environments...

Steep roads everywhere. Fun to pull luggage up these. 

Huge and amazing. Reminded me of something you'd see in Europe. This was built for the World's Fair. Crazy.

Russell's a much better tourist model than I am. For sure.

Russell pretending to have a butterfly on his finer at some Rainforest Area at some museum. He said we could photoshop it in later. Yeah, not gonna happen. :)

Hotel Drisco. Super Super nice place. Homey, yet felt very luxurious and comfortable. 

There was a mix-up with rooms and the only room they had for us was this huge suite, so we got upgraded for free. Score! Behind me when I shot this picture was a whole sitting room which was laid out with fresh fruit when we got there. It was so awesome.

The neighborhood around Hotel Drisco was very wealthy and well taken care of. It was so fun (and exhausting) to walk around all the hills and see what these rich folks could do with their money and tiny spaces. 

The small corner of Presidio that we saw was amazingly beautiful. We hit it at the perfect time of day.

a handy log was our photographer. glad no joggers passed by. kinda awkward posing with no one taking a picture huh.

happened upon this giant heart made out of fallen branches. Appropriate for our 5th anniversary. 

Crazy cool view, beach, meadow, sunset, trees, city. so awesome.

  Finding some natural wilderness right off the city was amazing. I felt the most at home there. :)

Russell claimed to own our ferry.

Russell's happy face when I said we could have Sushi.

My happy face when he said we could have Macarons. 
they tasted even better than they look. hoo mama.

This Classy hotel brought up our sophistication a few notches.

Land's End Trail was awesome. Easy hike, unless you go down to the beach and then have to climb up the million steps back up. But even that is worth it.

The weather was perfect and windy. This cold rocky shore is my kind of beach. 

Cool trees, end of Land's End Trail

St Mary's 70's Glorious Space Age yet Roman Catholic Cathedral

Yes, I'm the one that asked the nice docent if she was a nun. She said it was a compliment, so take that scoffing Russell. :)

Happened to walk through Japantown and the Cherry Blossom Festival was going on.

Top 5 Favorite Places:

Honorable Mentions:

Top 5 Favorite Restaurants:
3. Macarons at La Boulange 
- Tataki Sushi (this is Russell's #1)

Honorable Mentions:

Next time:
- Muir Woods (needed to rent a car in the off season and didn't know. bummer.)
- More Presidio
- More Golden Gate State Park (we just had time for the museums, in retrospect I think I would have preferred the park itself)

Our first-time inexperienced traveler advice:
- be really careful with directions, because neighborhoods change really fast. Don't assume you've got it right until GPS confirms. The hills make it hard to have a frame of reference unless you're familiar with the area. One wrong turn can have you dodging druggees and drunks on the sidewalk before you know it (which is sad, gross, and scary all at the same time).
- if you do anything, eat at Mama's and then walk to Coit Tower. It was my absolute favorite morning there. But get there before it opens, because you really will have to wait in a line for Mama's. But it's worth it.
- we loved not having a car and could get everywhere we needed to by bus. Except for Muir Woods... :( But if you go in the summer, you can even take a shuttle there. Google maps on our gps phones was our best friend. The exercise of walking was great, it was fun figuring out the best way to catch a bus/trolley, and we never had to worry about parking.

- Next time I won't go to Fisherman's Wharf and Ghiradelli Square, reminds me of a mall.
- Sausolito wasn't as quaint and charming as I was hoping. Just a lot of tourists trying to get on the ferry back to San Francisco. I probably wouldn't go there again.


Katie said...

Anna, these pictures are beautiful! I went to San Francisco for a day in March but I would love to spend more time there. Your trip looks pretty wonderful.

Skye said...

This looks like it was so fun! You took some great pictures!