Tuesday, May 21, 2013

one of those days

If I say the phrase "one hour in line at wal-mart with kids" I think you'll all understand me. And if I add "only 2 people in front of me" you'll know the kind of psychological torture I've been through. :)

I feel like I shouldn't be allowed to have hard days when I'm so blessed, and by all accounts things are going well. Ya know? I feel like the most ungrateful person ever - and that name calling just helps me spiral down and feel sorry for myself and angry at myself at the same time. And do you know what this all leads to? A bag of chips for dinner. Sorry family. I know a lot of people that are going through really tough things with a faith hope and endurance that is mind-boggling and inspiring. Then I'm letting myself be overwhelmed by Activity Days and laundry.

This is about the time when Russell would sing me this song:

Yeah, that usually doesn't help. :) But I found this article though, and it helped.


Dean, Andrea, Tanner, Landon, & Braddock said...

Glad I'm not the only one. I had one of those days today too!!

Lauren said...

I liked this quote "Not every moment is enjoyable as a parent; it wasn't for you, and it isn't for me. You just have obviously forgotten. I can forgive you for that. But if you tell me to enjoy every moment one more time, I will need to break up with you." Makes me think of the phase when Lily was into smearing her poo around during her time outs in the crib. She totally got me on that one 2 or 3 times.