Tuesday, February 12, 2013

valentines day - stained glass hearts

These collages were so easy and fun to make. No messy glue, which, with a two-year-old, is greatly appreciated. You just need contact paper, colored paper/cardstock for the frame, and tissue paper for the shapes.

Cut the shapes out of tissue paper a bunch at a time. With sharp scissors you can do a lot at once, so it's super fast. Then cut the heart of of the colored paper. Trim the contact paper to size and peel off the backing. Lay contact paper, sticky side up, and stick on your heart "frame". Then let the kids go at it!

It's great for young kids, because it's not messy, and it's okay if the tissue paper isn't laid straight, so they can do it independently. it just makes cool wrinkles when they're folded up. They loved it too! They're so much happier all day if we get in some craft or creative play like this in the morning.  

Jonas' Masterpiece

Gwen's Masterpiece

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Linda M. H. said...

Love it love it. I would love to play at your house!