Wednesday, February 13, 2013

on making changes

We've been working towards living healthier lifestyles, and this class that I went to at Education Week keeps coming back to mind. Going behind the idea that if we want to make permanent changes, we need to work smarter, not harder. How just having willpower is not enough to make a change, you also need to learn new skills, have supportive people around you, and change your environment.

With trying to get over my pretty messed up relationship with food, and my *ahem* sugar addiction, I've been finding that it takes making a bunch of changes, not just what I eat. Changing how I think. Learning what's really healthy to eat, and why. Also what's really not good for you and why. Learning the why has made a huge difference for me. It gives me the motivation to make better decisions, and to eat those vegetables.

I feel like I need to re-learn how to shop, cook, meal plan, etc. It's been a few weeks of effort and ups and downs, but I feel like it's just starting to pay off. It's getting easier, and even become kinda fun. It's a challenge that's not insurmountable anymore. What was really intimidating and overwhelming at first is getting easier.

I don't really want to turn this into a health blog, or a cooking blog, but I'm thinking I do want to pass on some of the things I've learned. So if any of you out there want to make changes too, it might give you ideas where to start.

I'm gonna make another plug for my favorite healthy site : Word of Wisdom Living. He's incredibly good at teaching the principles, showing the scientific background, and also giving practical advice and small do-able changes. In an internet world of so many opinions and extreme diets of all kinds, it gave me the courage to try to make changes toward a healthier lifestyle, even at the risk of not knowing everything. :)  Read it! It's awesome!

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Lauren said...

I went to this class with Anna and its so good! I also just started looking at that Word of Wisdom blog - it looks like he does a really good job of trying to give you the whole picture, benefits and downsides of different foods etc. I like that.