Friday, February 1, 2013

makes you think about mortality and stuff

 Russell's been having some mysterious heart problems. They're mysterious because the doctor hasn't gotten back to us yet. We've been through various levels of freaking out, and now I think we're settling back into a tentative state of normalcy. It feels great. Helps us remember how much we love life.
(the post title is from a comment we found while googling heart palpatations. haha. Nicely put, right?)

*Update - Dr said Russell's doing fine! Heart rate a little fast, but nothing too alarming. We're gonna keep looking into it - but we feel relieved and fairly confident that it's not immediately life threatening. woohoo!*

Made this Zucchini Bread Oatmeal. it was awesome and super healthy (swapped out brown sugar for raw honey, and used real butter, per this article. Have I mentioned how much I love that word of wisdom living site? Because I do.)

I love having Russell work from home.

 I'm pretty sure my favorite thing about our house is our big kitchen windows and the view.

Shoveling the neglected, foot of snow covered driveway.

Kids hard at work.

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Rachel Warner said...

Anna! Sorry to hear this :( I hope everything is okay with Russell.