Wednesday, October 31, 2012

happy halloween!

This year for Halloween, Jonas picked out the costumes. And he picked them a few months ago. "Hey Jonas! What do you want to be for Halloween?" "Diego. and Gwen be Dora. and Mom and Dad be Mami and Papi." So there ya go.

He was so excited and LOVED it when we called him Diego.

Gwen on the other hand, wasn't too thrilled. She likes Dora, but she did not like getting her hair sprayed brown. She was inside crying and Jonas said "Dora, what's wrong?"

She was still cute though, even with her puffy eyes. :)

Gwen's our teenager - a little cynical. :) But really, getting your hair sprayed is not very fun, no matter who you are. Sorry Gwen. But you did look pretty adorable. (a-DORA-ble. ha.)

Russell and I kind of looked like tourists or golfers with our polo shirts and long socks and khakis. But we were Mami and Papi (Diego's parents). Russell was so great and really cooperative. He even tucked in his shirt AND used a belt. Love that man.


Dean, Andrea, Tanner, and Landon said...

You guys all look so good. It was weird seeing your kids with brown hair. Threw me for a loop at first. And for the record Gwens far cuter than Dora is. ;)

Dean, Andrea, Tanner, and Landon said...

Oh and I LOVE your cute porch!

Jillaye said...

You have such a cute family! Love the costumes.